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Cross-border Collaboration

In summer 2021 ManusArts produced HAP -by John Foster, directed by Paul Glaser and in collaboration with The English Theatre of Hamburg. Following up to the Hamburg premiere, the comedy guest performed in Malmö/Sweden at Bationen theatre with Vanessa Poole and Jana Pulkrabek as cast.


We are excited to announce that the play is currently being remounted in Copenhagen by our Danish collaboration partner HIT International Theatre Arts to be presented at Teatret ved Sorte Hest in April 2024.

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Factory Drop - Interviews

Our science fiction short film “Factory Drop” is completed. In five interviews, director Petja Pulkrabek, producer Jana Pulkrabek, director of photography Monika Plura, set designer Dennis Stöcker and leading actress Anne-Marie Warburton talk about the project.

Interview Petja Pulkrabek (director)

Interview Jana Pulkrabek (producer)

Interview Monika Plura (director of photography)

Interview Dennis Stöcker (set-design)

Interview Anne-Marie Warburon (cast)

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ManusArts presents VODKA TALKS - by Arne Nielsen

ManusArts is delighted to announce a theatre co-production with Copenhagen’s recently founded brand HIT International Theater Arts. “Vodka Talks” is the first-time-ever English-language translation of Arne Nielsen's debut stage play “Die Vodkagespräche”. While the German original, featuring Karoline Eichhorn and Catrin Striebeck as leading roles, is performing at the Hamburger Kammerspiele, Vanessa Poole and Jana Pulkrabek portray the sisters Freya and Edda in the translated version. The project is directed by legendary Danish theater veteran Lars Junggreen as a German-Danish co-production and three country collaboration including Sweden. 

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Culture in the open air

The international cross-border festival Move the North, a project by ManusArts GmbH, is presenting »Nordic Summer Vibes« from September 19 to 25, 2022, an open-air cultural program featuring artists from Hamburg as well as international guests from Scandinavia. The festival, which is free to the public, will take place at Hamburg’s city park "Planten un Blomen“ on the open-air stage in Große Wallanlagen (Glacichaussee). "After our successful cultural program "Hamburger Kultur International“ from 2021, we are much looking forward to be building once again cultural bridges across the Baltic Sea and to present well-known Scandinavian artists to our Hamburg audience“, quote festival directors Jana & Petja Pulkrabek. The complete »Nordic Summer Vibes« program, funded by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, can be found here.

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ManusArts presents HAP - by John Foster

ManusArts is excited to present a brilliant quirky new comedy in English​, directed by Paul Glaser and in collaboration with The English Theatre of Hamburg and co-prestend by HIT International and Playmate Theatre Malmö. HAP is the one and only comedy written by BAFTA award-winning, OFFIE-nominated British playwright John Foster. The acclaimed author has received a host of awards for his otherwise film noir-style dark and powerful plays and screenplays for British and American audiences. After the world premiere and one week of performances in Hamburg, the play will perform in Malmö, Sweden at Bastionen Theatre as part of the official 2021 Move the North cross-border-festival program.

(Photo@Filip Orestes)

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ManusArts hosts a two week festival

ManusArts is delighted to join forces with The English Theatre of Hamburg. The ManusArts produced cross-border-festival Move the North and The English Theatre of Hamburg jointly present “Hamburger Kultur International” as part of the Hamburger Kultursommer. The two week long festival invites audiences from 19.7.-1.08.2021 to enjoy an outdoor celebration of music, theatre and literature at the location Drilling/Marzipanfabrik. Excited to welcome international guests from Sweden and Denmark among others, there will be 31 events with 45 international artists. You can check out the full program here.

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ManusArts presents: Nordic Music Vibes

As part of the 2021 Move the North program, ManusArts produced NORDIC MUSIC VIBES - a life stream concert from Copenhagen. Four outstanding Scandinavian music acts are featured: Stundom, Hvalfugl, Julie Lind Quartet and DMH. The event marks the second collaboration between ManusArts/Move the North and the City of Stade and is integrated as part of the festival „Hallo Hej Hej - German-Danish-Swedish encounters.


ManusArts receives project funding

ManusArts is excited to have been granted project funding from the Hamburg Schleswig Holstein Film Funding Committee in the „Short & Innovative“ committee section for the project FACTORY DROP. In a dark future, two workers must escape from a mysterious skyscraper factory after having performed an illegal dance. Centre of the story is Mia, who resembles the likes of Charly Chaplin. Her heartfelt action leads her into the arms of Juri and the couple into a dancing revolution. The short film is an artistic collaboration with the Freie Tanzkompagnie Kiel and combines elements ofdance and science fiction. Directed by Petja Pulkrabek.


ManusArts presents - Move the North Kick-Off 2020

For the opening of the 2020 cultural program, ManusArts brings together three Danish Jazz musicians who jointly perform with three German singers from Hamburg to experience a selection of German- Danish- and Swedish songs combined with poetry by poet and singer Rasmus Rhode. Special guest to the event is actor Andreas Grötznger –well known from Hamburg’s National Theater /Schauspielhaus among others. HamburgAmbassador in Copenhagen Jens-Peter Saul will be present to open the 2020 Move the North cultural program.

When: 08.01.2020 
Where: Drilling Bar / Marzipanfabrik, Hamburg


ManusArts presents - Poetic Sounds Double

The Poetic Sounds ensemble with six musicians from Hamburg and Copenhagen is looking forward to two performances this autumn in Germany and Denmark to present a new compilation of songs and poetry. One concert will be held at Copenhagen’s famous culture and music venue Huset-KBH at the Jazzclub Stardust.  Furthermore ManusArts is invited to present the international cross-border-festival Move the North at the HanseBelt Zukunftskongress in Lübeck. The Poetic Sounds ensemble will take the stage to present some excerpt of the current music and poetry program.

When/ Where:  06.11.2019 at HanseBelt Zukunftskongress in Lübeck
When/Where: 22.11.2019 at Huset-KBH (Stardust) in Copenhagen


ManusArts presents - Hamburg Films on the Danish Screen

After five spring days of Danish films at the Metropolis cinema in Hamburg , ManusArts is collaborating with Copenhagen's leading underground cinema Huset-Biograf to present two sections of Hamburg films in Denmark for the Move the North autumn program. „Hamburg Shorts“ will feature five award winning short films from Hamburg which portray stories from around the world. For a meet and mingle two directors from Hamburg will be present. Films: RAJU by Max Zähle, WATU WOTE by Katja Benrath, TAWEEZ by Ali Hakim,
OCCASUS by Petja Pulkrabek and BLACK RIDER by Pepe Danquard. Two Hamburg related feature films complete the presentation: ONCE UPON A TIME – INDIANERLAND (2017) by Ilker Catak and THE MASTER TOUCH (1972) an Italian / West German crime film set in Hamburg directed by Michele Lupo starring Kirk Douglas .

When: 16.11.-
Where: Husets Biograf, Magstraede 14, Copenhagen 1004 K


ManusArts presents - The Clean House

ManusArts is excited to collaborate with Down The Rabbit Hole Theatre in order to present the Pulitzer Finalist play „The Clean House“ by Sarah Ruhl. The five star play is presenting an international cast and performs for three weeks at HIT-House of International Theatre in Copenhagen as part of the Move the North festival. „To say it is the funniest play I have ever seen in Copenhagen is no exaggeration. Ensembles don’t come along like this very often…Masterclass in direction… a play superbly directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen…” -The Copenahgen Post.  

Cast: Isabel Escudero Zorde, Jana Pulkrabek, Vanessa Poole Jönsson, Tina Robinson, Jens Blegaa
Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Production: ManusArts, Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre
Written by: Sarah Rule
When: 19.09.-06.10.2019
Where: HIT- House of International Theatre

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ManusArts presents - City Tales

Four photographers from Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö collaborated with ManusArts to create a joint artistic project. After first network meetings the artists set out to capture four individual artistic views on the city they live in and their take on the theme of tales. Featuring works by Rebecca Hoppé and Andy Dräger from Hamburg, Filip Misiak Orestes from Copenhagen and Diego Monsiváis from Malmö the exhibition will be open to the public at the upsairs gallery in Levantehaus Hamburg.

When: 12.08.-25.08.2019
Where: Levantehaus Hamburg, Mönckebergstraße 7, 20095 Hamburg


ManusArts presents - Danish Folk meets German Classic

With a love of acoustic instruments, Elmøe & Hoffmann invite listeners into their fairytale universe inspired by film music, chamber music and traditional Scandinavian dance. With backgrounds in classical music and heavy metal, they present a shared foothold in Nordic folk music and celebrate a joie de vivre that instantly intoxicates the audience. MaunusArts is excited, that fort he collaboration platform Move the North the award-winning group will encounter with three musicians of the Hamburg NDR Elbphilharmonic orchestra and together they present a unique evening of different music styles merging to a jouful celebration of music.

When: 02.07.2019 
Where: WineBank , Stephansplatz 3 Alte Oberpostdirektion, 20354 Hamburg

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ManusArts presents - Music Lounge Gin & Jazz

ManusArts is collaborationg with The Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media, The Hamburg Ministry of Transport, Economy and Innovation, The Hamburg Senate Chancellery and the City of Stade to kick of the cultural Hamburg program of the international cross-border-festival Move the North. For the opening event ManusArts unites artists from Sweden, Denmark and Germany who present an evening of differnet music styles, combined with text passages recited  by Hamburg based actor Andreas Grötzinger. The City of Stade is sending renowed swedish musician Berndt Sjögren, accompanied by the Karlshamn Straßenkapelle. Jointly they will perform with Jonathan Fjord Bredholt from the Danish Jazzband Hvalfugl.The event will be officially opened by Dr. Rolf Barnim Foth from the Hamburg Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation.

When: 24.05.2019 
Where: Drilling Bar/Marzipanfabrik, Haus 4, Beim Schornstein, Hamburg 22763


Hamburg citizen of the month

What a start into the new year. ManusArts CEO’s Jana and Petja Pulkrabek are featured as Hamburg citizen of the month in the January issue of SZENE HAMBURG for their initiative of establishing a cultural bridge over the Baltic Sea.

Setting up Move the North – a cross-border-festival between the regions of Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö it is their aim to culturally tie the regions and to nourish a growing platform of exchange, collaboration and joint networking.


ManusArts presents - The Lover

ManusArts is hitting off the new year with a Move the North project, presenting a German-Danish coproduction in collaboration with Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre at HIT in Copenahgen. Harold Pinter’s THE LOVER is the first part of a Pinter-Trilogy. “Is your lover coming today?”, the wife asks casually as she is about to leave for work. Why is she asking so mysteriously liberal? Does she not mind her husband having a lover? Is this an open relationship – a way to spice up their love life? But as you’d expect from a Pinter play, there’s more to it…

Cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Tom Hale
Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Production: Manus
Arts, Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre
Written by: Harold Pinter
When: 30.01.-3.2.2019
Where: HIT- House of International Theatre


ManusArts presents - Poetic Sounds

A German-Danish poetry concert. Three Danish musicians and three German performers gather to experiment within the realm of Jazz, Poetry and ChanSongs. Impulses from different genres merge into an  interplay of jazz, pop and poetry slam taking the audience on a journey into the world of seafaring, longing and love.


Rasmus Rhode, Siegmar Tonk, Jana Pulkrabek, Anja Treskatis, Jeppe Cloos, Asger Søgaard (Original Cast)
Produced by: Jana Pulkrabek / Manusarts

Date: 31.01.2018 / 20.00
Location: Club Die Insel / Levantehaus Hamburg, Mönckebergstraße 7, 20095 Hamburg


ManusArts presents – Sex and Betrayal Between the Sheets

Sex has always been part of our collective cultural conscience, with numerous songs and books written about it. But what happens if you add betrayal tot he mix? An intimate investigation into the roots of an affair combining story, literature and music.
A humorous cabaret examining the ins and outs of intimacy, the plurality of monogamy, and what it really means to let your heart decide.

Cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Siegmar Tonk, Tom Hale
Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Produced by: Jana Pulkrabek / Manus
Written by: Jana Pulkrabek
Light Designer: Paul Damade, Stage Manager: Angelique Grior
Date: 18.01.-28.01.2018
Location: HIT-House of International Theatre / Huset-KBH 4th floor, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Kopenhagen /


ManusArts honoured with two nominations

ManusArts formed local culural ties in Copenhagen in 2017 by opening House of International Theatre. With 5 German-Danish co-productions in its opening year, Jana Pulkrabek, as the International Artistic Director, actively promotes a vibrant cultural bridge between Hamburg and Copenhagen. After earning a theatre prize nomination in the category ARETS SÆRPRIS for the ManusArts producion Slapstick Sherlock, Jana Pulkrabek and the ManusArts GmbH were granted the credit as “TOP 3 TRAILBLAZER“ for English-Language theatre in Copenhagen by The Copenhagen Post.



ManusArts presents – Slapstick Sherlock

Sherlock Holme’s relationship with his underdog assistant Watson leads to a lot of confusion, especially since the holy Miss Hudson is not only wearing the pants in the house but also the highest leather boots. Who is really the smart brain behind „The Brain“, solving the mystery of how the Blue Carbuncle ended up in the Christmas goose. A witty and modern satire combining slapstick humour with classical theatre and musical elements.

Cast: Gordon Torbet, Jana Pulkrabek, Siegmar Tonk
Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Produced by: Jana Pulkrabek / Manus
Written by: Jana Pulkrabek
Light Designer: Paul Damade, Stage Manager: Angelique Giroir, Zanka Bollok

Date: 30.11.-10.12.017
Location: HIT-House of International Theatre / Huset-KBH 4th floor, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Kopenhagen /


HIT Season opening 2017/2018 in Copenhagen

ManusArts is honoured that Copenhagen’s Mayor of Culture Carl Christian Ebbesen and British Ambassador Dominique Schroeder opened our first HIT-House of International Theatre season. Also attending the opening night of our ManusArts production No Exit-Reloaded was the plays author, Bafta award-winning playwright John Foster from London. The production is starring: Jana Pulkrabek, Dina Rosenmeier, Kevin Kiernan-Molloy and Astrid Lund; Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen.


Occasus wins award at the Norway Tamil Filmfestival.

Pleasant mail is always appreciated. Today we received a letter by Oslo’s Mayor Ordfører Marianne Borgen with the good news that Occasus was awarded the prize for “Best Cinematography“ at the Norway Tamil Film Festival. This is Occasus’ second award and we would like to thank our film team, our DOP Sin Huh and our filmfunders the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Nordmedia.


ManusArts in Cooperation with Bafta Award-winner John Foster

ManusArts is excited to announce the cooperation with award-winning British author John Foster for the upcoming House of International season opening in Copenhagen. John Foster will write a modern and dark retelling of Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous play noir. Jana Pulkrabek will produce the play and also star as Yulia, a sniper and spree killer with a dark secret.What have you done? Why are you in hell? Yulia, sniper and spree killer. Liam, commissioner of state murder. Kamilla, guerilla and black widow. Three killers in a room. Each with their own story. Their individual pathways to hell. Hell is other people.

A modern retelling of Jean-Paul Sartre’s famous play by Bafta Award-winning playwright John Foster. Dark. Violent. Sexy. No Exit-Reloaded is set in the near future 2027, in the post-Brexit and post-Trump era of modern

Cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Dina Rosenmeier, Kevin Kiernan-Molloy, Astrid Lund
Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen I Produced by: Jana Pulkrabek/ManusArts I Writte
n by: John Foster
Light Designer: Paul Damade I Stage Manager: Angelique Giroir I Video Design: Jack Wake-Walker


ManusArts presents– CZECH it out! Happy Hour with Jiri Sliva and Karel Čapek

ManusArts is looking forward to two cultural events in cooperation with the Czech Embassy in Copenhagen and the Magistrate of Prague.
On 18.3.2017 from 17:00-19:00 Manusarts Jana Pulkrabek and Czech Consul Zuzana Otčenášková present an exhibition and book reading about the life and works of Karel Čapek. Followed by a HIT-House of International Theatre stage reading of Čapek’s legendary play „R.U.R. – Rossum’s Universal Robots“ in collaboration with Køpenhavns Film & Teaterskole, directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen.

On 25.4.2017 from 17:30-19:00 ManusArts and Czech Ambassador Jiri Brodski invite to
The exhibition opening of Happy Hour“ by Jirí Slíva. The artist will be present and the evening is accompanied by the jazz duo Lubos Soukup and Magnus Hjorth. The exhibition is curated by Jana Pulkrabek and open to the public from 26.04.-7.05.2017.

Location: HIT-House of International Theatre / Huset-KBH 4th floor, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Kopenhagen


ManusArts presents – Lovers, Authors and other other Strangers

„I’d like to have a martini, two at the very most. After three I’m under the table, after four I’m under my host.“ – Dorothy Parker
Sex and the City meets the classics. Great American humour at it’s best. New York City is of course the centre of the Universe, so are the three blonde divas circling around one good looking man, competing in a passionate pile of comedy. A humorous evening presenting short stories, scenes and parodies by Dorothy Parker, Woody Allen and other comedian masters, who know how to turn bittersweet into fabulous laughter and finely define the difference between male and female.

Cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Dina Rosenmeier, Katrin Weisser, Rasmus Emil Mortensen (Original Cast)
Cast: Dina Rosenmeier, Christina Hildebrandt, Vanessa Poole Jönsson, Jens Blegaa, Michael Wighton (Remount)
Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen I Produced by: Jana Pulkrabek/Manu
sArts I Written by: Jana Pulkrabek
Licht Designer: Paul Damade I Stage Manager: Angelique Giroir

Date: 2.5.-7.5.2018 & 31.5.-4.6.2018
Location: HIT-House of International Theatre / Huset-KBH 4th floor, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Kopenhagen /


HIT- House of International Theatre 

ManusArts is forming local culural ties in Copenhagen. Jana Pulkrabek is the new International Artistic Director of the 4th floor stage in Copenhagen’s famous culture house Huset-KBH. Together with local director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen from Down The Rabbit Hole Theatre, she openened HIT-House of International Theatre -Copenhagen’s newest venue for international theatre, art and culture.  The programme hit town in February 2017 with a sold out opening  of the legendary 48 hours theatre project “Det Kolde Bord“.


HIT-House of International Theatre / Huset-KBH 4th floor, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Kopenhagen /

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