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Hamburg - Copenhagen - Malmö

ManusArts and Copenhagen-based Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre have collaborated to bring you the international Cross-Cultural Collaboration “Sex and Betrayal- Between the Sheets,” an evening of stories and songs about sex, love, and cheating in the 21st century. The ManusArts Production “Sex and Betrayal” will perform in Copenhagen, Malmö and Hamburg. ManusArts is very excited about this collaboration with director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen, who was recently nominated as best director in Copenhagen and is also named #1 Trailblazer in English Theatre 2015. The Project is funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture.
„Sex has always been part of our collective cultural conscience, with numerous songs and books written about it. But what happens when you add betrayal to the mix? These tantalising topics receive an intimate investigation in this surprisingly humorous and sexy cabaret, as we examine the ins and outs of intimacy, the plurality of monogamy, and what it really means to let your heart decide. A story of love and betrayal and an investigation into the roots of an affair, featuring lovers, sexual appetites, internet acquaintances and dangerous liaisons.“

Cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Sigmar Tonk, Jens BlegaaDirected by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
9.10.2016 @ 17.00; 10.10.2016 @ 19.00: HUSET KBH Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København
12.10.2016 @ 19.00 : MAF –International Theatre Malmö, Norra Skolgatan 12, 211 52 Malmö
13.10. 2016 & 14.10.2016 @ 20.00: Monsun Theater, Friedensallee 20, 22765 Hamburg


OCCASUS wins award for best Cinematography at Shorts Film Festival Bangalore

What a great surprise! Occasus was screening at the Shorts Film Festival in Bangalore this weekend and won the award for best cinematography. Our thanks go to our wonderful filmcrew, especially to our cinematographer Sin Huh.


EFM Berlinale Screening of OCCASUS in cooperation with NORD SHORTS

We are happy to announce the EFM – Berlinale Screening of our recently completed short film OCCASUS in cooperation with NORD SHORTS on Tue 16th of February at 5.35pm at CinemaxX Studio 17, Potsdamer Straße 5. The film received funding by the FILMFÖRDERUNG HAMBURG SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN GmbH and NORDMEDIA.
Isaac, an african refuge is being washed ashore by the ocean waves. The voyage over waters has left him with nothing but naked life and taken the beloved spirit of his wife and daughter. Attempts to kill his inner pain fail and lead him to seek redemption through revenge.


coming soon


ManusArts presents – Prague city and landscape sights in antique views

For the official closing event to celebrate the 25years Hamburg-Prague anniversary of city twinning, the Sudentendeutsche Museum Munich is providing a collection of exhibits from the years 1572-1850. The graphics show the city of Prague and its surrounding landscape. The exhibition can be seen from 05.10.-24.10.2015. Three musicians of the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester will perform at the vernissage.

Date: Vernissage am 05.10.2018 /19.00
Location: Galerie  Levantehaus, Mönckebergstraße 7, 20095 Hamburg


coming soon


OCCASUS receives new funding by NORDMEDIA

After exciting days of shooting in Ibiza and Hamburg, we are happy to announce that our shortfilm Occasus has received funding by NORDMEDIA.The postproduction which is held at Sound Base Studios is about to be completed and we would like to thank our wonderful team, colleagues and funders for their fabulous work and support.


ManusArts goes International

Hamburg and Prague are celebrating their 25th anniversary of City-Twinning. ManusArts joins the celebrations by presenting two exhibitions in Hamburg and Prague Townhall. STATT – ANSICHTEN combines photography and art by four german and czech artists. The ManusArts theatre production „THE LEGEND KAFKA –Worlds of a Visionary“ -in cooperation with Ballet Kiel is accompanied by a KAFKA- exhibition presenting illustration by famous czech artist Jiri Votruba, who also designed the official twinning poster.

Illustration © Jiri Votruba


OCCASUS has begun

We are happy to announce that OCCASUS will receive german film funding by FFHSH.
The short film, directed by Petja Pulkrabek, tells the story of Isaac, an african refugee who finds hell upon arrival in paradise. Only revenge can redeem of what was lost on the sea.


ManusArts presents- MAN. WOMAN. AFFAIRS! at Logensaal / Hamburger Kammerspiele

„Darling, your lover has just phoned.“
Smiling benignly it goes through the night when men and women at the awakening of Spring, dust their emotional ménage.Lovers, sexual appetites, internet acquaintances and Dangerous Liaisons; a scenic-musical One Night Stand about the peculiar mating behaviour of mature urbanites. Whether passionate; by correspondence, erotic literature; delicate personal advertisements; movie-made or theatrically staged, everything that moves men and inspires women.
Cast: Jana Pulkrabek and Siegmar Tonk
On Saturday the 3rd May 2014 at 19.30 at Loogensaal/Hamburger Kammerspiele, Hartungstraße 9-11, 20146 Hamburg,


ManusArts is invited to CPH STAGE in Copenhagen

We are happy to announce that the theatre production „Kafka -beyond the door”, written and directed by Jana Pulkrabek, is invited to Copenhagen’s new Theatre Festival CPH Stage.
The festival presents the best current danish theatre and a selected choice of international productions.
The multimedia play which was first presented as part of the official anniversary celebrations between the twinning Cities Hamburg and Prague features the dancers and ballet director of Opera Kiel, Yaroslav Ivananko and Heather Jurgensen, as well as leading Musical soloist Patrick Stanke for vocals.


ManusArts presents – SHERLOCK HOLMES at Logensaal / Hamburger Kammerspiele

The series of readings about the most famous detective of all time goes into its second round.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s master detective with his keen nose, forensic foresight and cool mind commences from London’s 221b Baker Street, is showcasing for a second time.
As king of his profession he is a cult figure par excellence! Together with Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes solves more than sixty cases leading him not only under the spell of a monster and a mysterious Czech lady but right into the heart of the British Bank and to the gravitational head of the Reichenbach waterfalls. A production combining acting, singing and reading, full of suspense, charme and humour.
Cast: Ben Knop, Siegmar Tonk, Jana Pulkrabek u.a.
Musical direction: Siegmar Tonk Directed by: Jana Pulkrabek
On Saturday the 30th November 2013 at 19.30 at Logensaal/Hamburger Kammerspiele, Hartungstraße 9-11, 20146 Hamburg,


ManusArts receives cultural funding for short film

ManusArts has been granted funding from the Hamburg Ministry of Culture for the script development of „ THE DEPTH OF THE SEA“. The story is inspired by German – Danish fairy tale tradition and links the port cities of Hamburg, Kiel and Copenhagen together.
It tells the story of Tonda, who cannot resist the lure of the sea. He leaves his girlfriend Anna and their Pub in Hamburg to sail to Copenhagen. On the ocean floor, he spots the contours of a woman falling deeply by her pull. In order to find his way home, he first has to face a dark secret from his past .The movie will be directed by Petja and Jana Pulkrabek alongside a German- Danish team and crew. The film is to be shown at the prestigious Cultural Harbour Festival KULTURHAVN in Copenhagen and we are looking forward to production and shooting in 2014!


ManusArts presents – AMOUR FOU at Monsun Theatre

“Man is completely and totally disarmed, when one finds oneself at night, naked in hostile arms” – Simone de Beauvoir.
The Devil in the Flesh, the flapping wings of the soul and the labours of love in certain corners…; Under the Roofs of Paris she is at home the multi-faceted world of love and passion.A scandalous French novel -which progressed to become one of the most successful books of the 20th Century, combined with the heartfelt expressions of Simone de Beauvoir – interwoven through drama and French song. A melodious evening staged in play reading and singing lyrics by Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, Carla Bruni, and others.
Cast: Siegmar Tonk, Jana Pulkrabek, Ben Knop, Nathalie Wernsing
Musicians: Lilien Lyons – Violine, Siegmar Tonk – Piano Musical Arrangement: Tim Hüning Directed by: Jana Pulkrabek
On Sunday the 6th October at 18.00 Uhr at Monsun Theater, Friedensallee 20, 22765 Hamburg,


ManusArts presents -THE NORMAL HEART : Stage Reading in favor of Michael Stich Stiftung

After five fabulous years in Hamburg, the Disney Musical TARZAN leaves the New Flora Theatre in October 2013 to attach their magnificent success to Stuttgart.
Beforehand, the international cast will meet for a once only special event in Hamburg at Logensaal Theatre, by presenting the multi-award winning drama ‘THE NORMAL HEART’ in a Stage Reading.This autobiographical piece was written by award winning Larry Kramer and deals with the outbreak of the HIV – AIDS crisis in New York between 1981 and 1984.
All earnings are to be donated.
Cast: Mathias Sanders, John Vois, Japheth Myers, Isabel Trinkaus, Lucius Wolter, Rune Høck Møller, Stuart Sumner, John Wiseman, Gian Marco Schiaretti, Alessio Impedovo, Patrick Robinson
Directed by: Mathias Sanders
On Monday the 30th October 2013 at 19.30 at Logensaal/Hamburger Kammerspiele, Hartungstraße 9-11, 20146 Hamburg,


ManusArts has completed the short film REDMURDER

After seven days of shooting in Hamburg, director Petja Pulkrabek completed the short film REDMURDER, having worked for the second time with award winning cinematographer Jens Harms.
The movie tells the story of Selma, who suffers at the side of her lying comatose husband. In order to wash away her own guilt, she feels compelled to commit murder. A fatal decision which has both a tragic and glorious consequences.


Main cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Teymur Mokhtari, Isabel Trinkaus and Stuart Sumner. Supported by: Mathias Sanders, Laura de Weck and Siegmar Tonk.
A big THANK YOU to our fabulous film team and supporters/sponsors: Optix Digital Pictures, Cinegate Hamburg, Levantehaus Hamburg und der Neue Klub e.V.


ManusArts presents: Stories, Scenes and Paradigms by WOODY ALLEN

Three actors, a professor and a mischief- maker escape into the brilliant comedic world of the well-known New York comedian.
Above all, the invention of the legendary sandwich, a flying Count Dracula, the mysterious and secretive “Metterling” lists, track and bone-breaking ballet, as well as the sexual desires of Madame B.. An amusing night about the eternal philosophical question of love and death, male potency and…. so what really?
Part II: Three Ladies and two Gentleman, five lost characters in a New York theatre space. While meeting one to many encounters of a third kind they indulge in a live threatening game of chess, fall in love with mysterious fiction and try to escape the consequences of adultery. Woody at it’s best!

Cast: Jana Pulkrabek, Ben Knop, Luisa Taraz, Christian T. Braun, Isabel Trinkaus, Prof. Peter Nebel

Directed by: Jana Pulkrabek

On Saturday the 21st November 2013 at 19.30 at Logensaal/Hamburger Kammerspiele, Hartungstraße 9-11, 20146 Hamburg,


On Sunday the 20. October 2013 and on Sunday the 2nd February 2014 (Part II) at 18.00 Uhr at Monsun Theater, Friedensalle 20, 22765 Hamburg,


ManusArts visits the Filmfestival Cannes

Our Filmteam will be present at the 66th Filmfestival in Cannes from the 14th – 23rd of May 2013.
We are looking forward to great encounters, exciting meetings and wonderful movies!

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