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About us

Creative work is a handcraft, created by many hands - ManusArts

ManusArts GmbH for film, theater and art was founded in 2014 by siblings Jana and Petja Pulkrabek. Following the motto "Visions are born in the mind and heart, the hands bring forth the art," the company specializes in artistically ambitious projects that are always handcrafted and have their own personal signature.

With Factory Drop, Occasus, and Nocturnal Ectasy, ManusArts has realized three short films supported with state funding and has been granted several international short film awards.The films have emerged from a deeply rooted passion for the magic of the big screen and the power of personal stories. ManusArts aims to develop a unique film language that allows for the authentic telling of personal stories and engages the viewer on both an emotional and intellectual level. ManusArts' films are more than mere entertainment; they are an expression of a passion for the art form of cinema and the endeavor to bring socially relevant topics to the big screen. Currently, several feature film projects are in the development phase.

ManusArts presents

A broad cultural spectrum
Besides producing films, theater productions, concerts, and exhibitions, ManusArts also initiated and organizes the cross-border festival Move the North, which is culturally active in three countries, as well as theme orientated film days, music - and theatre festivals. With over forty ManusArts in house productions, another main focus lies on international collaboration projects and co-productions.

Connecting the North

Culture in motion
From 2015, ManusArts has worked actively to culturally connect Germany and Scandinavia. With HIT, the company holds a second-base in the Danish capital since 2017 and has been regularly staging theater productions and cultural events in Hamburg, Copenhagen and Malmö ever since. To strengthen the cultural ties, ManusArts initiated the network platform Move the North in 2019, to provide a broad spectrum of cross-border collaboration and to jointly create new cultural impulses.

Jana und Petja Pulkrabek

About us

The managing directors of Manusarts, Jana Pulkrabek and Petja Pulkrabek, were awarded "Hamburg Citizan of the Month" by SZENE HAMBURG for their initiative of creating a cultural bridge across the Baltic Sea. Read the article HERE.

The siblings Jana and Petja Pulkrabek are delighted to be among the ten cultural players presented in the magazine SZENE HAMBURG, representing thoughts and voices of Hamburg’s cultural scene on Kultursommer 2021. Read HERE.

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