In a dark future, two workers must escape from a mysterious skyscraper factory after having performed an illegal dance. The short film is an artistic collaboration with the Freie Tanzkompagnie Kiel and combines elements of dance and science fiction. Directed by Petja Pulkrabek.



Isaac, an African refugee, becomes stranded on an island in the West. But the supposed paradise turns out to be his private hell. Driven by pain and anger, he makes his way across a country full of contradictions, which highlight his dreadful past and elucidate his tragic journey to Europe. The loss he thereby had to suffer drives him to a bloody act of revenge.


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Selma suffers at the side of her lying comatose husband. Torn within she follows his command to kill a mysterious woman. A fatal decision which has both a tragic and a glorious consequences.


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Nocturnal Ecstasy

A randomly discovered newspaper photo strengthens Alex’s suspicion to be a part of an unknown twin. While searching for the mysterious doppelganger he lapses into nocturnal ecstasy causing the borders between reality and fiction to melt away


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The Art of Creation

A short documentary about The Art of Creation which leads from the Acropolis in Athens to the three opera houses alongside the Elbe River: Hamburg, Dresden and Prague

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In ewiger Nacht

In development