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Isaac, an African refugee, becomes stranded on an island in the West. But the supposed paradise turns out to be his private hell. Driven by pain and anger, he makes his way across a country full of contradictions, which highlight his dreadful past and elucidate his tragic journey to Europe. The loss he thereby had to suffer drives him to a bloody act of revenge.    




team & cast
script, director: Petja Pulkrabek
production: ManusArts GmbH
producers: Petja Pulkrabek, Jana Pulkrabek
production manager: Ali Hakim
line producer: Jana Pulkrabek
assistant directors: Marvin Dau (Ibiza), Malte Grosche (Hamburg)
camera: Sin Huh
assistant camera: Jan Lange
steadicam-operator: Thorsten Alt
first gaffers: Raik Lingner (Ibiza), Torben Asmussen (Hamburg)
sound: Raik Lingner
sound design: Anja Ludwig
editing: Petja Pulkrabek, Ali Hakim
set design: Paul Rehle
make-up: Lale Yilmaz
music: Nikolas Siebert
cast: Ahmed Soura, Jana Pulkrabek, Lia-Sarah Pulkrabek
grading: Ronney Afortu bvk
post production: Optical Art Digital & Film GmbH; Soundbase Studios GmbH

funded by:
nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbh,
Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH

country of production: Germany, 2016
filmlocations: Germany, Spain

Award Best Cinematography, 5th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival / Official Selection, India
Award Best Cinematography, 8th NowrayTamil Film Festival / Official Selection, Oslo      

Berlinale Filmmarkt : Nord Shorts
5th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival / Official Selection, India         
5th Kolkata Shorts Int’l Film Festival / Official Selection, India     
13th Konstanzer Kurz.Film.Spiele/ Official Selection, Germany      
14th Int’l Film Festival of Tamilnadu / Official Selection, India  
5th Festival Int’t De Cortometrajes De La Diversidad Social / Official Selection, Mexico
10th Kurzfilmfestival Köln Official Selection / Germany   
14 International Short & Independent Film Festival / Official Selection, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Sweet as Film Festival Dec. Edition  Official Selection, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
1st Chhatrapati Shivaji Int’l Film Festival /Official Selection, India
Indieflicks 2017 / Official Selection, Manchaster & Liverpool, UK  
8th NowrayTamil Film Festival / Official Selection, Oslo      
4th Internatational Motion Festival / Official Selection , Cyprus
11th 20MinMax Internat. ShortFilmFestival, Ingolstadt / Official Selection, Germany
2nd Less 15 Min MiniMovie Film Festival /Official Selection, MovieScreenPro, Online
7th Dortmunder Tresen- Film Festival / Official Selection, Germany  

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