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Kafka - beyond the door

“ … I cannot believe that there is a fairy tale where a woman has been more desperately fought for as I for you, from the beginning and always anew and perhaps forever” – Franz Kafka to Felice Bauer”

The relationship of the young Prague writer Franz Kafka with the Berlin employee Felice Bauer lasted five years, two engagements, two separations and a deluge of long letters. During that time Kafka wrote “The Metamorphosis” and “The Trial” among others.


The love letters between Prague and Berlin reveal how Kafka’s life influenced his work and how the source of inspiration taping into his private life lays far deeper than the mere use of his fiancées initials.Failure of the relationship was not down to a rival, but rather due to Kafka’s internal fight between the love for Felice and his passion for literature, reaching a final end with the outbreak of his tuberculosis in 1917.


The multi -media presentation of acting, dance, song and illustrations leads into the Jewish life within Prague at turn of the century, and to the life and work of the German writer, allowing for the dissolving of boundaries between life and literature.


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Written & Directed by: Jana Pulkrabek
Choreography: Yaroslav Ivananko


Music: Patrick Stanke

Illustrations: Jiri Votruba

Fotos: D.D. Dankwerts

Franz Kafka: Philipp Odermatt

Kafkas Mother: Valerie Niehaus

Kafkas Father / Richter: Michael Baute

Kafkas Sister / Neighbour: Jana Pulkrabek

Kafkas Sister / Woman in court: Isabel Trinkaus

Max Brod: Mathias Sanders

Felice Bauer: Heather Jurgensen

Kafkas Inner Voice: Patrick Stanke

Kafkas Dream Vision : Yaroslav Ivanenko

Narrator: Andreas Gräbe


Dance: Yaroslav Ivanenko, Heather Jurgensen


Vocals: Patrick Stanke, Andreas Gräbe


Music: Lilian Lyons (Violine), Adam Brixton (Gitar), Hans Knudsen (Saxophone), Patrick Stanke (Piano)

Light & Sound Design: Utz Kieltsch

Funded by:

Hamburg Ministry od Culture, Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds, Der Neue Klub e.V.

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