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The Lover

The play is set in a domestic setting in the home of a well-established couple. Everything seems to be perfectly ordinary. Just until… 

“Is your lover coming today?”, the wife asks casually as she is about to leave for work. As this seems far from ordinary, you may wonder; why is she asking so mysteriously liberal? Does she not mind her husband having a lover? Is this an open relationship – a way to spice up their love life? But as you’d expect from a Pinter play, there’s more to it…

A couple’s most intimate moments presents a classic Pinteresque twist that gives the themes of unfaithfulness and marriage a new dimension – and implies some insecurities that cannot be said out loud.



Cast:  Jana Pulkrabek, Tom Hale
Directed by: Jeremy-Thomas Poulsen
Produced by: ManusArts GmbH, Down The Rabbit Hole
Written by: Harold Pinter
Set Design: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen

Light-and Sounddesign: Paul Damade


Date: 30.01.2019-03.02.2019
Location: HIT-House of International Theater, Huset-KBH, Kopenhagen

Photos by: Filip Orestes Misiak

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