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International theatre production VODKA TALKS

With Vodka Talks by Arne Donnie Nielsen, ManusArts presents an international theater co-production directed by Lars Junggreen.

ManusArts is delighted about the success of the international theatre coproduction Vodka Talks, produced in collaboration with HIT International Theatre Arts. Vodka Talks is the English translation of Arne Donnie Nielsen's debut stage play "Die Vodkagespräche". While the German version, starring Karoline Eichhorn and Catrin Striebeck, can be seen on the stage of the Hamburger Kammerspiele, Vanessa Poole and Jana Pulkrabek play the sisters Freya and Edda in the English-language version. Two sisters, while drinking plenty of vodka, sort through their deceased father's estate and discuss politics, religion, and life. The plot combines many socially relevant themes, addressing the disturbing rise of right-wing extremism currently spreading across Europe. The production, which has been staged in Sweden/Malmö and Denmark/Copenhagen is directed by Danish theater veteran Lars Junggreen. Further performances are planned for Hamburg and London.

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Photo Credit: Henrik Uth

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