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Nordic Music Vibes

A live stream concert presenting four outstanding Nordic Music Acts from Scandinavia: Stundom, Hvalfugl, Julie Lind Quartet and DMH. Moderated by Hamburg singer and musical performer Siegmar Tonk

Nordic roots meet lyrical jazz in the hands of the young Danish trio Hvalfugl. Capturing a duality between bright summer nights and autumnal melancholy, their music contains a wide range of moods and deep undercurrents.

The music of Stundom is Nordic in its essence: Inspired by the traditional dance music from their ancestors, mixed with the classical chamber music tradition and several modern symphonic elements, achieved with a blend of the cittern, the violin and the piano.

Julie Lind is the new Danish jazz name. Listening to her newest EP ‘All that’s wrong with me’ is a bit like Copenhagen on a peaceful Sunday morning before 9am.

DMH is the collaboration between Deep Dive Corp. from Germany, Mashti Project from Denmark and Hush Forever from Sweden. Their unique blend of groovey melancholic electronica, pop-hookey melodies, folk and ethnic elements has really found it’s way into the heart of the listeners.

Siegmar Tonk from Hamburg
Stundom from Copenhagen and Göteburg
Julie Lind Quartett (Copenhagen)
Hvalfugl from Copenhagen and Aarhus
DMH (Deep Dive Corp, Mashti, Hush Forever) from Bremen, Copenhagen and Malmö

Location: Live concert stream from Copenhagen, Huset-KBH / Music Caféen

Supported by the Hansestadt Stade


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Julie Lind Quartett

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