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Sounds of the North

In our first "Sounds of the North" concert the two international renowned composers and producers Mashti Mads Nordheim (Copenhagen) and Peter Musebrink (Bremen) will be joined by Danish pianist Julian Svejgaard (Copenhagen) to improvise on the sounds of Maurice Ravel's Sonate for Violin and Violoncello  - performed by virtuoso artists Sono Tokuda and Valentin Priebus from the Hamburg NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra. 





Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Orchester:  Sono Tokuda (violine)

Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Orchester:  Valentin Priebus (cello)


Mashti Mads Nordheim

Peter Musebrink 

Julian Svejgaard (piano)



Supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media

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Sono Tokuda


Valentin Priebus


Peter Musebrink

Mashti Mads Nordheim

Julian Edit2.jpg

Julian Svejgaard

Foto credits


Sono Tokuda: Rebecca Hoppé

Valentin Priebus: Felix Linz

Mashti Mads Nordheim: Mashti Mads Nordheim

Peter Musebrink: Peter Musebrink

Julian Svejgaard: Julian Svejbaard

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