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Danish Folkmusic meets German Classic

With a love of acoustic instruments, Elmøe & Hoffmann invite listeners into their fairy-tale universe inspired by film music, chamber music and traditional Scandinavian dance. With backgrounds in classical music and heavy metal, they present a shared foothold in Nordic folk music and celebrate a joie de vivre that instantly intoxicates the audience. The Danish Trio will encounters three musicians of the Hamburg NDR Elbphilharmonic Orchestra and together they present a uique evening of different music styles merging to a youful celebration of music.

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From Denmark
Emma Kragh-Elmøe: violine 

Villads Hoffmann: cittern 

Julian Svejgaard: piano 


From Germany (NDR Elphilharmonic Orchestra)
Sono Tokuda: violine
Anaëlle Tourret: harp
Valentin Priebus: cello

Location: wineBANK, Stephansplatz 3 Alte Oberpostdirektion, 20354 Hamburg

Supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media.

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