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The Case M.M.

For thirty years now, the case of M.M. has left Jack Clemmons without any rest! On the night of the 5th of August 1962 his telephone rang at the police headquarters in Los Angeles; Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her Brentwood home. As a senior police officer, he was the first to be at the scene of the crime and immediately realized something was wrong! The clues were puzzling, raising questions that seemed to be unsolvable. Contrary to the official version that Marilyn had killed herself with an overdose, he was convinced it was murder – a conviction which cost him his job.

Now, thirty years later, he takes us back to the night of the death and into the core of his investigation. In searching for clues through drama and dance, director Jana Pulkrabek and choreographer Yaroslav Ivanenko have once more rolled open the circumstances surrounding Marilyn’s mysterious death. Could a woman be suicidal who worked so hard at eradicating her inimical blonde image and solidly pursued her future plans? Or is her death one of the greatest unsolved murder cases in the criminal history of America? Was Marilyn through her private relationships to Robert and John F. Kennedy a target of a plot, of an unparalleled cover-up?


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A Ballet- Thriller for the Ballet Company Kiel and Playhouse Kiel

Premiere: 28.04.2012 at Playhouse Kiel

Written & Directed by: Jana Pulkrabek
Choreography: Yaroslav Ivanenko
Costume Design: Elisabeth Richter
Stage Design: Jana Pulkrabek & Yaroslav Ivanenko

Photographic Projection: Rebecca Hoppé
With dancers of The Ballet Kiel und actors of the Playhouse Kiel
Marilyn Monroe: Sonia Dvorak

Inspector Clemmons: Rudi Hindenburg

Dr. Noguchi, Pathologin: Agnes Richter

Mr. Curphy: Chief to the Investigation

Patricia Lawford, Sister of the President: Agnes Richter

Peter Lawford,Brother in Law of the President: Nikolaos Doede

Joe DiMaggio, Baseball-Star, Marilyn’s second Husband: Alexaneder Abdukarimov

Mrs. Murray, Marilyns Haushälterin: Pina Bergemann

Dr. Greenson, Marilyn’s Therapist: Siegfried Jacobs

Dr. Engelberg, Marilyn’s Physician: Preslav Mantchev

John F. Kennedy, Präsident of the U.S.A.: Eldar Sarsembayev

Robert Kennedy, Minister of Justice: Didar Sarsembayev

Ann Jacobs, PR-Expert to Fox-Filmstudios: Margot de Andrade

Mr. Z, Darryl F. Zannuck, Head of Fox-Filmstudios: Edward James Gottschall

Jane Russel, Filmstar and Friend to Marilyn: Pina Bergemann

Arthur Miller, Author, Marilyn’s third Husband: Emil Bruland

Lionel Granison, Employee at the Morgue: Siegfried Jacobs

Marilyn’s Press Officer: Stefanie Fischer

Grace Goddard, Ida Bolender, Nursing Mothers of Marilyn: Ji Won Kim, Sabina Faskhi

Marilyns Mother: Agnes Richter

Marilyn as Child: Rosa Dotzer

Marilyn II: Victoria Lane Green

Marilyn’s MakeUp Artists: Julian Botnarenko, Sabina Faskhi, Momoko Tanaka

Photos: Olaf Struck

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