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Slapstick Sherlock

Sherlock Holme’s relationship with his underdog assistant Watson leads to a lot of confusion, especially since the holy Miss Hudson is not only wearing the pants in the house but also the highest leather boots. Who is really the smart brain behind „The Brain“, solving the mystery of how the Blue Carbuncle ended up in the Christmas goose.

A witty and modern satire combining slapstick humour with classical theatre and musical elements.




Cast: Gordon Torbet, Jana Pulkrabek, Siegmar Tonk
Directed by: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Produced by: Jana Pulkrabek / ManusArts
Script: Jana Pulkrabek, Rewrites: Jeremy M. Thomas, based on original works by Arthur Canon Doyle
Light Designer: Paul Damade
Stage Manager: Angelique Giroir, Zanka Bollok


A revised version of the production "Sherlock" from 2013.

Date: 30.11.-10.12.017
Location: HIT-House of International Theatre / Huset-KBH 4th floor, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Kopenhagen /

Fotos: Filip Orestes Misiak

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