About us

Manusarts was founded in 2013 by Jana and Petja Pulkrabek, mainly to produce personal projects. From early age the siblings of German-Czech origin grew up with the idea of turning their fascination for film and theatre into a profession.

Manusarts specializes on artistically ambitious films with a personal touch, as well as interdisciplinary theatre productions with international partners. Many hands create an art and Film is hand crafted. Manusarts producesFeatures, Shorts, Documentary and Cross-Art-Media Projects.


Jana Pulkrabek studied acting in New York (The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and, The Actor’s Studio), as well as directing and production in London and Berlin. After six years abroad Jana returned to Germany working for several production companies and running a children’s theatre. As an actress, director and producer, she developed and produced numerous theatre productions for the international Cultural exchanges. Her first short film “Nocturnal Ecstasy” was presented at international film festivals, winning the “audience favourite” amongst others.


Petja Pulkrabek was born on 11.06.1985. Inspired by the likes of Kubrick, Kieslowski and Bunuel, the desire to become a filmmaker was born at an early age. After graduation from High School numerous internships created a first-hand understanding of filmmaking. Petja Pulkrabek studied film directing at the Media Academy in Hamburg, as well as film and theatre studies at the Free University of Berlin. Alongside advertising and corporate films he produced short films and currently, he is developing his feature film debut.


Prof. Manuela Rousseau Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg; Member of the Supervisory Board of Beiersdorf AG; awarded Bundesverdienstmedaille / Federal Order of Merit for her honorary commitment.

We gratefully thank Manuela Rousseau für her engagement as Manusarts board member from 2014-2020.

Prof. Dipl.-Bibl. Prof. h.c. Klaus-Peter Nebel Former Director of Corporate Communications for Beiersdorf, Tchibo, Tesa; multiple award-winner as best press spokesman in Germany; Head of the International Media and Cultural Management program at the university in Riga.

Christian Pothe Chairman of the DFB Soccer Youth Committee; former vice president of FC St. Pauli and Bucerius Education GmbH.

Thomas Dias Fernandes Tax- and employment lawyer, business and economy consultant.

Ruth Bäßler Previously responsible for the department of cultural exchange at the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media.

Dietmar Hamm Manager of Levantehaus Hamburg with multiple awards and nominations in the field of cultural promotion.