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Creative work is a craft which is handcrafted - ManusArts

ManusArts for film, theatre and art specializes in artistically ambitious projects that are always handcrafted, have their own personal signature and collaborate with international partners. "Visions are born in the mind and heart, the hands bring forth the art."





Factory Drop, directed by Petja Pulkrabek, is completed. The short film combines science fiction with dance elements.

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Vodka Talks

With Vodka Talks by Arne Donnie Nielsen, ManusArts presents an international theater co-production directed by Lars Junggreen.


Jana & Petja Pulkrabek

ManusArts founders and siblings Jana and Petja Pulkrabek talk about their latest projects, which address socially and politically relevant topics.

Factory Drop

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Factory Drop trailer is online

In the dark future of the year 2118, the Factory reigns, numbing all emotions - until one day, a magical music box breaks the silence, and two souls risk it all for the freedom to dance. The short film is an artistic collaboration with the Freie Tanzkompagnie Kiel and combines elements of dance and science fiction. Directed by Petja Pulkrabek, Director of Photography are Monika Plura and Tobias Meik; Set-Design: Dennis Stöcker und Lena Schønemann; Produced by Jana Pulkrabek. Read our team interviews here.


Occasus Trailer
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